2020 is certainly a special year for the Beachland. Many independent venues have come and gone within the past 20 years, but the Beachland has continued to gain prominence by showcasing nationally and internationally recognized acts along with rising local talents.

Beachland co-owner Cindy Barber initially envisioned the Beachland as a resource to revitalize the North Collinwood neighborhood she had lived in for many years. During this time, she brought on Beachland co-owner and still main Talent Buyer Mark Leddy, who had a history with booking underground bands in Cleveland. Cindy was gratified when she observed the growth of the acts that played the club, stating “I was actually surprised that we were able to help and nurture so many bands. We ended up getting a status as a must-play venue.”

Over the course of the past two decades, the Beachland has developed a loyal audience in the Northeast Ohio area and beyond. That strong customer loyalty was recently demonstrated at the Beachland Building Fund Benefit just a few weeks ago. The Beachland raised a considerable amount of money to put towards repairs and improvements for the venue. The Beachland has just installed an entirely new roof along with a major upgrade to the heating and cooling system, and the venue is planning on moving forward with plaster repairs and other touch ups to spruce up the interior of the club in the coming weeks.

In March, the Beachland will highlight 20 shows throughout the month that feature acts from a wide range of genres to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The list includes psychedelic indie-pop act of Montreal, the garage rock bands Black Lips and Reigning Sound, punk rockers New Bomb Turks, heavy metal vocalist Geoff Tate, jam band icon Keller Williams, and swing jazz group Squirrel Nut Zippers. There is a list on the following page featuring all 20 of the highlighted shows

Such an intriguing array of acts represents one of the hallmarks of the Beachland since its inception as Mark Leddy states, “We wanted to be a high-quality music venue with a much wider variety of styles than Clevelanders were used to seeing at any one venue.” In other words, the Beachland strived to be a rock club that went far beyond the confines of rock.

In 2020 and beyond, the Beachland will continue to bring acts across the genre spectrum to Cleveland, and it will fiercely persist as an independent venue. According to Mark, “In Cleveland, you’ve got to be tough. We’ve persevered when most would’ve packed their bags. We’ve carried on through thick and thin.” Clevelanders can rest assured that the Beachland will be rocking Northeast Ohio for years to come.

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Celebrating 20 Years with 20 Shows in March 2020

We’ve always prided ourselves on bringing a broad selection of bands through our doors over the past 20 years we’ve been rockin’ Cleveland! We wanted to celebrate our history by showcasing 20 shows in March that represent our eclectic musical tastes! Look below for more info on the shows!