Dark Water Rebellion • Leaf Borbie & the Family Tree • Burnin' Loins
Costumes Encouraged! Free with Ticket to Rasputina!

Dark Water Rebellion

Leaf Borbie & the Family Tree, Burnin Loins

Beachland Tavern
All Ages
"Til Death" Party with Dark Water Rebellion, Leaf Borbie & the Family Tree, and Burnin Loins at the Beachland Tavern. Costumes Encouraged!

Dark Water Rebellion

"They self-proclaim their musical style as Southern Gothic Swamp Rock. That description is spot on. The lo-fi sound they produce is dirty and greasy...The simplistic and effective drums beats of Danielle accompanied by Brent’s distorted slide guitar created an awesome layer of instrumentation giving Brent’s gravelly vocals the perfect platform to shine." - Allen Heimberger, Splice Magazine

Originally formed in South Florida in January of 2015, DWR quickly hit the road and spent its first two years traveling across country in their vintage bus conversion on a self-managed tour, honing in their sound and playing over 250+ shows in their first year. After spending time between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and releasing their debut self-titled LP in April of 2017, DWR toured back east and landed in their new home, the rock n' roll city of Cleveland, OH.

DWR's second full length album "MACABRE" was recorded at Cleveland's Vuture Studios, and was released across all digital platforms on 4/20/19.


Leaf Borbie & the Family Tree

Drunk carnival

Empathetic hearse



Little people consume us.


Burnin Loins

Burnin Loins is a Cleveland, Ohio based rock band comprised of guitarist Nikhil Chand, bassist Justin Husher, and drummer Brent Gemmill. The band formed in 2013, and continues to develop their hard-driving brand of rock music. They often identify their style as “Pothole Rock”, creating blistering sound and performances that embrace and complement Northeast Ohio’s cold winters, gray skies, crumbling alleyways, and of course, walleye.

“You can expect plenty of blues, rock and roll and rowdiness from Burnin’ [sic] Loins. This Cleveland-to-the-core three-piece is full of dirty, frenetic punk.” – Cleveland.com, 9/6/2017.

A spinoff of the Cleveland Lottery League, Burnin Loins’ success is largely due to the disparate musical stylings of its members. As a group, they have carved a path forward via its members being forced to explore songwriting far outside of their individual comfort zones. As a result, the band’s sound can be described as a refreshingly unidentifiable mix of rock, punk, metal, and blues. Their self-titled, independently produced debut album was released in July, 2017. They continue to perform regionally throughout Northeast Ohio, showcasing at rock music clubs, music festivals, and on college radio.


Venue Information:
Beachland Tavern
15711 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland, OH, 44110