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Joint Operation

Beachland Tavern
All Ages
Joint Operation performs at the Beachland Tavern.

Joint Operation

Joint Operation is a powerful reggae-rock band from Baltimore, MD. This explosive four-piece has made quite a presence for themselves in the Mid-Atlantic with dozens of shows with the biggest names in the genre. Life-long friends, Josh Lewis, Jacob Nadeau, Ben O'Brien, and Fabrizio Scotto, have managed to integrate all the genres they grew to love as children into this power group. Whether it be reggae, punk rock or funk, this group rocks the house and shows fans how to party. Influences include Beck, Nirvana, Sublime, and many more!

Looking into the core of their music, it is almost hard to believe they are only a four-piece band. With the filling sounds of Josh Lewis’ powerful vocals and Ben Obrien's savory guitar licks, you would think that they must have another member hidden and playing along. Accompanying him, is the rhythm section made up of Jacob Nadeau’s funky bass hits that are always right in the pocket with drummer Fabrizio Scotto’s hard-hitting fills and snaps. Joint Operation values the idea of connecting with others through their music. The band hopes to create music and play live shows to help others forget the struggles of life, and just enjoy living in the moment.

Their debut album is planned for release in summer of 2019. “Diner Dub”, a single off their upcoming album was released January 12th 2018 and is available everywhere! This record focuses on talking about life, happiness, and struggles, while bringing in the party with the lively music of their mixed genres. This album will for sure have something for everyone, and the band cannot wait to finally release it after two years of production!

Joint Operation loves to challenge themselves, whether it be on the road, in the studio, on stage, or at practice, they are always trying to be greater. With huge performances, and multiple tours under their belt, they are ready to travel farther out and share their music with others. They hope to push themselves harder and celebrate music and art with others all over the globe!


Land of Panda

Jam meets Hendrix, Sublime, Marley and Prince”

Land of Panda started off as a group of music technology students jamming in between classes at Kent State University at Stark. The flow of creation began and after about 6 months of constant writing, playing, and practicing, Land of Panda was officially born. Believing in the brick by brick philosohy LOP started gigging heavily in 2017. Playing all over Akron, Kent, and Canton. LOP gained many allies and fans over the winter. Known for electrifying, explosive live performances with nods to many different genres. With a mix of Funk, R&B, Reggae, Indie, Metal, and Psychedelic music Land of Panda continues to play shows throughout Ohio and is starting to play in the surrounding areas. They aspire to spread the message of peace, love, and positivity!


The Full Frontal

Venue Information:
Beachland Tavern
15711 Waterloo Rd
Cleveland, OH, 44110