45 Spider


45 Spider

The Telltale Signs, Mother Hawk

Sat · February 3, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

45 Spider
45 Spider
The Telltale Signs
The Telltale Signs
Born out of dissatisfaction with current ideals in the bulk of modern music, the Telltale Signs are a refreshing, high-powered dose of realist rock and roll. "I wanted a raucous and rough-hewn sound to the group but the melodies and vocals had to be great and the songs had to be exciting ... Something I feel is missing in a lot of bands that are carrying the "garage" moniker around these days." says singer-guitarist Andrew Kohler who writes the majority of the band's material.

Powerful vocals belted out by Kohler and bassist Aaron Ratajczak proudly carry the messages of the group's smart songwriting throughout it's recordings and live performances. Romping rhythms pounded out by drummer Jay Galvin keep the band both centered and lively and when interlocked with Ratajczak's greased and gritty walking bass lines, the rhythm section sounds at once like a well-oiled machine and a runaway freight train. Add Kohler's chimey-to-clear-as-mud guitar work, littered with raunchy solos and churning riffs, and this trio has found their purpose. Uncompromising tones burst from the finest vintage equipment with impressive volume to provide a perfectly composed wall of sound. And then, as quick as they came, the big notes recede to make room for more of the story as the vocals move to the forefront in perfect harmony with each other. This type of dynamic feel is not often encountered in clubs these days. It's familiar and nostalgic but also exciting and dangerous. The Telltale Signs are here to fill the void you never knew you had.

The group received the "best new band" award from Steak and Cake Records in the 2013 All WNY music awards and has been a featured artist on BuffaBlog.com. In addition to playing local shows with bands like The Irving Klaws, The Detroit Cobras, and the Malones, the trio recently tore through a searing set to a rowdy, late-night crowd on a Wildwood, NJ beach during a vintage Hot Rod and Motorcycle race known as "The Race of Gentlemen", opening for Hoboken's own The Swingin' Neckbreakers. If that weren't enough, they have been featured heavily on the soundtrack to award winning, moto-themed filmmaker Brian Darwas' latest flick, "This is Long Beach", a past and present look at the famed So-Cal car club, the Cavaliers.
Mother Hawk
Mother Hawk
Been down so many roads...they were all dusty roads.
Born of fire in 2007 and reborn of name in 2013, the trio of hardworking Pittsburgh, PA/Cleveland, OH rustbelt brothermen called MOTHER HAWK conjure a heavy blues boogie rock – a different kind of heavy.

MOTHER HAWK deliver on a sonic promise forged in days long since past, their songs a hymn in praise of their obvious ancestors – the mystic metal of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath thunder from both above and below while the down and dirty boogie of ZZ Top kicks up the Dust, setting the blues Free just beyond the Black Oak Arkansas backwoods where Creedence and Skynyrd just keep on keepin’ on while the sun rumbles its roots into a Deep Purple sky.

But the exciting rock and roll group MOTHER HAWK is not content to merely imitate the idols.

MOTHER HAWK is more. MOTHER HAWK is an experience. While worshipping those forefathers and mothers, their recorded music & live show is meant to awaken the energies in us all, to smoke the stars from the sky so as to rise from the ashes in glory, to call forth all the good people to come together, to travel through you from banging heads all the way down to floor-stompin feet, to conjure pathways leading you to fiercely follow your spirit guide. MOTHER HAWK wants to shake your soul. MOTHER HAWK wants to take you high so you can get down. MOTHER HAWK wants you to have a good time all the time.

MOTHER HAWK. Spread your heavy wings and fly.
Venue Information:
Beachland Tavern
15711 Waterloo
Cleveland, OH, 44110