Cauliflower Ninjas


Cauliflower Ninjas

Plinko, Dutty

Sat ยท January 13, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is all ages

Cauliflower Ninjas
Cauliflower Ninjas
Cauliflower Ninja (Broccoli Samurai circa 2014) members include:
John McCarron- guitar
Chris Walker- drums
Ryan Bruce Hodson- keys
Steve Fade- bass
At the age of 13, Trevor Merrow was a new student at Joseph Badger High School. It was there that he met guitarists Shane Munnell and Tyler Jenkins. To make a long story short, the 3 would play music at every opportunity that presented itself. Jenkins and Merrow would later form a band together, during their senior year of high shool. Meanwhile Munnell was also involved with his own vital role in the band "The Youngstonians". In 2008, Merrow and Jenkins went their seperate ways. Merrow put down the bass, and moved to Cleveland to seek the life of a family man.

Jenkins and Munnell however, were far from ready to give up on their musical talents. Munnell who had resigned from his position with the Youngstonians knew of Jenkins' potential, and wasnt about to let it go to waste. The two of them combined forces, with the addition of Gary Jenkins(bass) to form The Tyler Jenkins Trio. The Trio continue to sell out wineries and local bars for years, and still play to this day.
In 2012, Merrow returned home from Cleveland. And he was determined to start playing music again. The first opportunity that presented itself was playing at a church for hundreds of people. It was there that he met drummer Dante DiLorenzo. The two always thru around the idea of getting together to jam outside of the church, but it wasnt until 2016 when Merrow reunited with Jenkins and Munnell, that Plinko finally came together.

The idea was to casually get together, have some drinks, and improv jam. But when the band realized the potential they had, they started to take their bond more seriously.
After 1 very successful show, Dante was blessed with a newborn baby girl, and shifted his interests towards being a father and a business owner. Plinko and Dante mutually agreed to part ways, and remain great friends to this day.
Drew Siracki auditioned for the band in July of 2017, and after only one practice, became a permanent member.
Jaron Wack ; Musician from Ohio, Cooking up a musical feast!
Venue Information:
Beachland Tavern
15711 Waterloo
Cleveland, OH, 44110