Tom Foster Celebration of Life with Abbey Rodeo

Primarily Seated, General Admission

Tom Foster Celebration of Life with Abbey Rodeo

The Dagg Nabbit Country Band, One-eyed Jacks, Mary Taylor Brooks, Ted Riser, Rolly Brown, The Grateful Fred

Sun · April 22, 2018

Doors: 12:00 pm / Show: 12:00 pm (event ends at 4:30 pm)

$5.00 Donation at the Door

This event is all ages

Tom Foster was part of the Cleveland music scene for over 50 years. He played lead guitar and pedal steel guitar for many bands in Cleveland, Tulsa Oklahoma and Austin Texas over the years. He was a founding member of the Cleveland based country alternative rock band Eli Radish from 1968-1973 and was part of the Ted Riser band for close to 20 years. Recently, he played with Mary Taylor-Brooks, The One-Eyed Jacks, The Dagg Nabbitt Country Band and the Girls. He also recorded with David Allen Coe and has played with various members of Grateful Fred and Abbey Rodeo at local events. Please join us at this event to celebrate his life with many of the fantastic musicians that he so loved playing with.

Abbey Rodeo
Abbey Rodeo
For over 15 years Abbey Rodeo has been one of the area’s most popular cover bands, and judging from record crowds at the recent Mentor Rocks concert series and their consistent high ranking in many online contests as one of the best and most popular bands in Cleveland, the sky is truly the limit for Abbey Rodeo.

Fronted by a solid lineup of longtime area musicians including Verne McClelland, Chris Butcher, Bob Yochum, P.J. Philips, Chuck Citraro and Jim Bonfanti, a founding member of the legendary classic rock band Raspberries and a Choir member, (the headliners of this concert), Abbey Rodeo will surely not disappoint with its focus on ‘60’s, and ‘70’s rock classics.

A certain amount of recording was completed on a number of Butcher and Grupe penned songs over a period of time. Enough for a complete CD. But they had been discussing the possibility of forming a live performing group or troupe to provide a variety show complete with opening acts and a headliner band. All using musicians from the troupe in support of the songs that they were writing and recording. Fred was to serve as the troupe’s producer and manager. Chris would be the lead singer and co-producer.

Some things happened sort of that way and some were very different from what they originally planned. For one thing Fred started playing the bass guitar again at recording sessions and jam sessions after years of not playing at all! Fred then started attending and playing at open mic and jam nights at local clubs. He began to encourage Chris to come out and play at some of these gigs. Chris started playing and getting good responses to the songs that he and Fred performed. Numerous other musicians were also performing at these shows, many of whom were already involved in the Abbey Rodeo Project… including Verne McClelland, Bob Yocum, Debbie Daniels, P.J. Philips and Justin Butcher. It was Verne (singer/guitarist) who suggested they make it an official band. Fred and Chris thought it was a great idea and saw the possibility to fulfill their original vision, in many ways, with the great potential of the musicians who ultimately became Abbey Rodeo, “the band". Bob Yocum came to the band, followed by Debbie Daniels, bringing multitudes of instrumentation possibilities to the band. Justin Butcher, Chris’ son, became the drummer and vocalist. He's also a bass guitarist and eventually left the band to pursue other musical endeavers. Bob “Chick” Chiacone came on board in 2005 to replace Justin and Vince Lesso replaced Bob on drums and vocals in 2006. Keyboardist and banjo player, Debbie Daniels left the band in 2010. Pat Shelby took over piano and keyboard duties as well as singing, also in 2010. In 2014, P.J. Philips took over on the keys and vocals and then Jim Bonfanti on drums and vocals in 2015. In 2017, bass player and founding member, Fred Grupe semi-retired from the band. Larry Kadlub (bass guitarist, all around great musician, singer and friend) came in to temporarily fill in from 2016 to 2017. Chuck Citraro was added as the band's official bass player in October, 2017. Abbey Rodeo played their first gig on May 20, 2003 at the Flying Burrito Cantina in Madison, Ohio and continue to this day.

The The North Coast Voice Magazine was and remains instrumental in promoting and supporting Abbey Rodeo. Abbey Rodeo also supports and appreciates the efforts of the Voice in recognizing and promoting the local music scene in Northeast Ohio.

Abbey Rodeo’s Mission is…

… To play the music that we and our audiences love… both covers of great songs that people know, along with new and original music. Our philosophy is that we have to enjoy the music first so that we can present it honestly. Our commitment to the music is what the audience hears and sees at a live show.

… To perform a wide variety of song selections of varied, yet compatible styles, with well-blended vocal harmonies, diverse instrumentation and arrangements and pleasant, yet dynamic listening levels provided by a professional sound company hired by us for all of our shows. These have been and remain as successful components of our band.

… To have fun playing for our audiences and be appreciative of the support of our friends and fans.
Mary Taylor Brooks
Mary Taylor Brooks
Singer/songwriter Mary Taylor Brooks grew up in northeast Ohio and as a child taught herself how to play the guitar, piano, harmonica and banjo. Her songwriting influences are of country, rockabilly and blues. She has performed in Las Vegas, NV, Austin, TX, Nashville, TN and northeast Ohio. She has written and recorded three CD's and currently working on her fourth.

Her show consists of country, rock and blues with her vocal influences ranging from Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, Little Big Town, Reba McEntire, Patsy Cline to Melissa Etheridge, The Pretenders, Sheryl Crow, The Motels, 4 Non Blondes, Eurythmics, Pink and her unmistakable Stevie Nicks.

Her unique vocal abilities and passion for music makes each performance worth seeing!
Rolly Brown
Rolly Brown
Venue Information:
Beachland Ballroom
15711 Waterloo Road
Cleveland, OH, 44110