Thursday Nov 8 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

Beachland Tavern

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When Driftwood released its first full-length album, Rally Day, recorded in their hometown of Binghamton,
a unique sound transpired that reflected not only the working-class ethos of an upstate New York town,
but a coalescing of identity, influence, and uninhibited musical spirit.
“It’s sometimes tough to keep any sort of focus on style or sound when you have three different
songwriters,” guitarist Dan Forsyth conceded. Longtime friend and banjoist Joe Kollar offers, “I consider
our sound to be more of an attitude and an approach – the result of all of our influences in a completely
open musical forum where the only stipulation is to create it from the heart.” “Really Driftwood is a song
based group,” fiddler Claire Byrne added incisively.
And even though they come from different directions, the three founding members – along with bassist
Joey Arcuri – tend to end up at the same place.
That unity, as well as the joy derived from playing together, can be heard throughout City Lights. It takes
them on a familiar road and serendipitous evolution, replete with folk, old-time, country, punk, and rock,
depending on their personal moods and their songs’ needs.
Increased songwriting and close-quarter living on tour manifested strengthened relationships and new
energy. “Keeping this kind of touring schedule, we thought of recording albums as a sort of secondary
thing and considered ourselves a ‘live’ band. We learn so much on the road and this kind of work has
always felt productive,” Forsyth explains.
And while in the past they used the stage to work out arrangements of new songs, for City Lights, they
used the studio. “It wasn’t until this last album that we took some time off to learn more about being in the
studio. We wanted to take our time and record on our own terms.”
As evidence of their growth and compatibility, both Forsyth and Byrne tag “Skin and Bone” as the head of
the album. It’s a Kollar composition that he says “came from a reflection I had of myself and life on the
road, in general. It touches on trying to keep perspective, forging ahead, and embracing the future.”
Clearly, that’s a state of mind they can all relate to.
The heart of the album, though, is a toss up with Forsyth choosing the romance of “Too Afraid,” Byrne
picking the nostalgia of “The Waves,” and Kollar tapping the excitement of the title track. That disparity
may be because, in their decade together, the musicians have all undergone monumental life changes.
They have come into their own… together. “Generally speaking, there’s a maturity to us now,” Kollar
explains. “We have a bit of experience doing what we do and the music reflects that point of view. The
song subjects, our playing/singing abilities, our recording abilities, and our relationships have all matured.”
That’s precisely what’s heard in the music. A sharpened band. Skilled songwriters. Down-right masterful
instrumentalists. And the sum of their seasons together has only strengthened their fabric. It’s pretty clear
in their current songwriting and recordings as well, as Driftwood is now laying the groundwork for an
upcoming album set to be released in the Fall of 2018. If history is any indication, it will be another strong
step forward for this talented group
In the simplest terms, decker. is a singer/songwriter based in Sedona, Arizona. However, a more apt description would be musical mystic. He, himself, describes his sound as “psychedelic desert folk,” drawing inspiration directly from the vortexes of the red rock mountains and canyons where he resides—an area so widely renown for its cosmic energy that millions of spiritual travelers flock there every year in an attempt to harness its power. With a handful of self-released recordings to his name that have garnered praise from KEXP, Magnet Magazine and No Depression among others, decker. signed with revered independent label Royal Potato Family in 2017 to release a 10-song retrospective entitled ‘Into The Red.’ In 2018, he returns with a full-length collection of new material, ‘Born To Wake Up.’ Where previous albums have leaned darker in mood and content, this latest finds him maturing in his artistic viewpoint, offering glimpses of optimism and light across a range of songs like “Awake,” “Burnin Grass” and “The Matador.” Glide Magazine recently wrote, "decker. is one of the country’s most criminally underrated songwriters.” With the release of ‘Born To Wake Up,’ that is beginning to change. 
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