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The Ballroom Specs

Please advance all aspects of show production to:
Production Manager: James Carol,
Lead Sound Technician: Mike Miller,

The Ballroom Equipment

  • Midas Verona 48 channel console
  • Klark Teknik 3600 EQ’s for mains and monitors
  • Ashley Protea x-over
  • TC Electronics D-2 Delay
  • TC Electronics M-one effects processor
  • Yamaha Pro R 3
  • 2 Units of Kark Tecnik Square One
  • Compressors and Gates
  • 16 Channels
  • BSS Power Amps for mains
  • 5 P1200 D+B Audio Technic AMPS
  • 8 D+B EMAX Wedges Bi AMPED
  • 5 separate monitor mixes from Front of House
  • Turbo Sound Flood Light P.A. Speakers
  • 4 Tops
  • 8 Subs
  • 7 (30 amp) Quad Boxes on stage
  • 40 Channel Snake
  • Additional EQs and AMPS can (be rented to) make 8 monitor mixes with 1 x 15 Bi Amped wedges
  • Additional monitor console and monitor mixes beyond 5 require extra budget/show cost

Beachland Ballroom Stage Plot-0518


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